Performance record of the Company

  • No Bank has denied Credit Bond or Bank Guarantee to company.
  • We have completed 51 major bridges since 1985 in Maharashtra and no work rescinded and executed the same at contractor’s risk and cost.
  • We have neither left any awarded work incomplete nor completed with penal rate.
  • We have completed some bridges before stipulated period of completion. Govt. of Maharashtra has sanctioned ex-gracia payment of Rs. 10 lakhs for completing bridge at Chaphed in Sindhudurg Dist. one and half year before scheduled time.
  • Chief Engineer, P. W. Region Pune has issued appreciation letter for completing major bridge across River Ghod near Pargaon [World Bank aided Project] 4 months ahead of schedule. 
  • Awati Bridge across Sina River and major bridge across River Karha near Khandobanagar (Baramati) & Bridge across River Godavari near Pohner were completed nearly one year ahead of schedule.
  • Bonus of Rs.6,26,347 has been paid by MSRDC for completing River bridges and widening of Eisting Bridge under IRDP Baramati.
  • Short note alongwith copies of appreciation letters and some photos of completed bridges is enclosed herewith.
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