About Us

Manoja Sthapatya
Our firm is a civil engineering firm mainly engaged in the construction of Prestressed major Bridges, Aqueducts, Canal Structures since 1970, we also construct bridges on our own design. We have constructed many bridges with well foundations/ RCC Cofferdams.

We are well acquainted with the site conditions of bridges in the State of Maharashtra particularly, with respect to communications, labour material and climatic conditions etc. We have completed some major bridges and aqueducts etc., special features of which are stated below.

  • Awati bridge across Sina River and major bridge across River Karha near Khandobanagar were completed nearly one year ahead of schedule.Chief Engineer, P. W. Region has issued appreciation letter for completing major bridge across River Ghod near Pargaon [World Bank Aided Project] 4 months ahead of schedule.
  • Govt. of Maharashtra has sanctioned ex-Gracia payment of Rs. 10 lakhs for completing bridge at Chaphed in Sindhudurg District, one and half year before schedule time.
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